After thinking through about my life, I feel there’s no point trying.

All i wanted is to have an ordinary life and I tried my best.

Can’t even have a best friend or a close friend that I can confide to, that shows how pathetic I am.

My head hurts and my heart is as cold as a rock. Something is definitely wrong with me in many levels and i know ppl won’t be able to “fix” me. There’s so many broken parts within me till the extent that I hate myself.

But i promise myself that before i leave this world, I’ll have to do what it takes to make my mum proud at the very least.

  1. Get a degree
  2. Buy a condominium
  3. Buy a car

Just these 3. Even if i have to rely on blackhat methods, so be it. As if people care about what I’m about to do. I’m just sick of being a nice person anymore.

I’m going to stop using Facebook and Instagram for good.

I’m just going to stop trying to be a normal person. I’ll live in my own world from now on. Don’t say that i’m selfish and anti-social when you don’t even know what it feels to be me.

It’s just hard and painful to live in this world on your own 🙁


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