HelloWorld, My blog is back again!~

Well, I haven’t been blogging for a long time because i just don’t feel like sharing my personal life on public domain and i don’t intend to blog or rant about my dull life anymore. There’s nothing interesting happening in my life right now hence I’m just gonna mention past (non-sensitive) events that i think it’s worth mentioning for the sake of a new post.

I realized that university life kinda dry and at the same time, fast-paced and hectic. So many assignments to be done especially programming module -__- where it just get on my nerve every single time! It’s so time consuming and it can easily take few days to solve those questions! I mean we have other modules that requires our attention and we just have to find ways/alternatives to get it done somehow. It’s no longer about slogging it out alone but rather getting the help you need from others. Time is kinda limited in NUS and it’s really tiring! I also realized that there is huge margin between uni and poly. In poly, it’s 17 weeks within a semester compared to the 13 weeks in NUS. Furthermore, the content taught isn’t as abstract compared to uni level. Well, duh! I mean, I just didn’t expect the difference to be THAT great. I took 5 killer mods last semester and it literally killed me. I almost wanted to take leave of absence but sometimes in life, we need to feel some form of pain in order to buck up! I had to see doctor 3 times within 7 weeks, it’s really that bad!

Other than that, i enjoyed the company of my peers and the culture of the school. It’s so much better than poly and millennia. Few weeks back, I made this cute yet kind girl burst into tears. She asked me about what I had learned during my stint as a 995 ambulance medic for 3 years. I told her candidly and described those memorable events as accurate as possible. She broke into tears halfway and her tears made me go jelly. I didn’t had the chance to tell her the full story because i had to remain quiet while she regained her composure. I’m quite surprised because it’s the first time someone actually asked me that sort of question; I’m also that type of person that curious about what a person experienced or acquired after being in that profession for a period of time. I mean we could learn a lot simply by understanding other person perspective! After which, I couldn’t do my work properly since i feel guilty about it. Had to consult a friend to see whether i should get her number or not. In the end, i got her number and sincerely apologize to her. Had the chance to wish her happy CNY and can’t wait to see again 🙂

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