Symptoms Of Clinical Depression – Know before it hits you


Today i’m going to discuss about the symptoms of clinical depression.

To tell you the truth, i’m currently diagnosed under mild depression called Dysthymia that have been happening over the course of 5 years. Yes, 5 years!

The most intense crisis was 2 months ago where i could no longer able to contain my thoughts. It was so beyond my tolerance level that i decided that it was time for me to seek professional treatment.

All this while, i didn’t want anyone’s help. I held back every single person or opportunity.

My form teacher not forgetting my wonderful economic teacher was making an effort to help me but i just pushing them away.

The loss of my best friend and the person whom i really love at that point of time make my life a living hell especially when i have my A level to take care of. Yet i’m able to withstand the great amount of pressure that was piling up.

It was until 2 months ago where there was so many garbage dump inside my mind and i was on the verge of breaking up. I was feeling despondent, agitated, paranoid and the frequent suicidal thoughts. It was horrible that i decided to ward myself at A&E with the help of a friend who works there. She registered for me since i was scared.

I was experiencing:

  • frequent thoughts of suicidal, even plan out how i’m going to end my life
  • persistent sadness in which one point of time, i was weeping in the middle of the night
  • loss of interest in everyday activities which i used to enjoy
  • insomnia
  • rather being alone, having least interaction

If you aware, you will noticed that there’s a post which is password protected. For your information, it will never be release to the public unless you get the password from me.

If you want to know how to deal with depression, you can revert back to past entry under depression category.

It is important that you know the symptoms of clinical depression before it hits you or your loved ones.

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