Hello world, I’m finally back!

It’s been almost two years since I last posted something.

10 minutes have passed and i have no idea what to write about since it’s been super long since I wrote something. Alright, I shall now write about what had happened to me over the past two years.

1. Managed to increase my GPA.
Takes a lot of hard work and I’m now quite worried about my last semester result. It will be out this coming Tuesday and I guess my GPA is going down for the first time in Nanyang Polytechnic. The question is not whether it will go down but rather how much will my GPA decrease. My goal from the very beginning was to get into NUS to prove to others. I had a bad start and i didn’t know the minimum GPA to get into NUS was 3.8+. If only I knew about this from the very beginning, I would start strong and need not to be worried so much now.

I just hate to study and doing coding but I know in my guts that I have to. My goal is to get into NUS and get a decent degree to prove to others. It’s not about getting a stable 9am -5pm job but to prove to others. Get it? I want to have my own business, inspire others and have a loving family.

2. Managed to get my own flat with mum
Currently, I’m staying with my mum. We are very grateful that we have our own place to stay. I’m no longer living with my sister which is very dreadful where I normally spend my weekdays in school till night and spend my weekends in the library.

3. Managed to control my weight
For the first time in my life, I managed to lose my weight without having anyone to tell or instruct me to do so. I did it with my own will and determination. At one point, I managed to reduce my weight from 98kg to 83kg. That was last year and now, my weight has gone up to 93kg and right now with consistent exercise, I manage to reduce my weight to 90kg over the past 3 weeks. Well, it is somewhat slow but I’m determined to reduce my weight to 75kg. I’m determined to get GOLD for my upcoming IPPT. If others can achieve it, I’m sure I can do it too even though I never got GOLD or SILVER before.

Like everything else, it will require a lot of hard work and determination but I’m ready to face the challenge so that not only I can be proud of myself, I’ll look good too 🙂

My business went bust at the end of 2011. I tried to save it but failed.
As of now, I’m going to build it back from scratch. I’m not going to focus on SEO anymore. I’m going to concentrate on SEM from now on.

Tried to get a new girlfriend but failed as well.
However, I made several good friends.

Here are my current goals for this year.
1. Get 4.0 for this semester
2. Lose weight to 75kg and get gold for IPPT
3. Rebuild my business from scratch.

That’s all for now. Peace.

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