Random Internal Conversation

I’m trying hard.. i feel like i’m going to fall off from my chair anytime soon.

Christmas is coming and i know that’s where most of the revenue for the year are being generated. If only i have a team of workers who would automate my work, i would have more time for other important things which I’m failing at right now.

I feel like weeping and whining all day long but it will not solve my problem. Complaining to others will help a bit but in reality, they can’t do anything to solve my problem. The only solution lies in me.

You got 2 choices in life. You do or you don’t do, yet every decision of every path will lead to another 2 choice which is: do well or do average. Similarly, if you take the “don’t do” path.. You either forget about it or having this unsatisfied thought which stuck in your head with the following statement – “what if I do, I wonder what it will lead me…(somewhere along that line)”

So what do you want really?
Do you want to earn lots of money and sacrifice your health as well as studies(dreams)? Does the sacrifice reallyworth it?
– NO! Money is essential but my dream of making a comeback is much greater than earning money right now!

You want to make a eye popping comeback within 1 year time then you got two choice:
do it hard or do it smart…

So how do i make $50k , 4As for next A level and 3.8 GPA for the overall semester? Let’s come up with some idea, shall we?

  • In order to make SG$50k, i need to make US$40K profit (assuming that currency rate remains at 1.25x of that Singapore currency)..In order to make $40k per month.. i need to make at least $1333.40 per day. WOW, that’s a lot of money and that’s what you make per month currently. – Okay… But what if you X30 of what you have now? is it possible? No.. i feel like collapsing at the rate I’m going now… Okay… what if you concentrate 80% on the ones that are most profitable and keep improving on it while using the remaining 20% to find new methods, ways or campaigns… will that makes a different? – Maybe.. Lesser time and effort to get greater results… not mentioning able to create new successful method or campaign. – Okay.. That’s one you should strive on from now on.. 80/20 rule..
  • What if you sell a $197 product and you just need to sell 7 each day? sounds possible.. if i have many affiliates and a good product which people needs or wants.. PPC and SEO is my traits so i think this wouldn’t be that hard. – Okay you found 2 solution for your problem.. another suggestion to your problem shall we?
  • What if you create services to solve customer wants or needs? Then outsource those service to third world countries? Umm.. i’m scared dealing with people… – okay, what if you try and see if you can handle it.. if you cant then let others do it for you!.. okay.. perhaps i’ll try…
  • What if you start doing affiliate marketing for 5 different niches and see how profitable its like and then create a better version for the 5 different niches.. this takes alot of effort.. – i know, what if every day you give 30mins to the website and slowly promoting it.. can you do it? maybe..
  • The last thing you could do is through paid advertising… All you need is someone to monitor whether a particular is profitable or not.

– There you have it.. 5 suggestion to earn $50k profit per month…. the things to take note is that: do something everyday consistently…

Lets move on to your second problem….
First thing which i need to ask you: why do you want to retake A level for the 3rd time.
– Because i want to be at the same level as Pamela and i want to prove how smart i am others.
Does Pamela still in contact with you?
– Then why are you so obsessed to have a status quo?
i don’t have a definite answer to this question.
– Lets say you miraculously scored 4As, what will this benefit you?
Bragging rights, no regrets and i know where i stand..
– How dedicated are you to achieve your goal currently?
– Do you think its worth it?
– Do you think you can achieve this?
no.. because i have no time!
– So what are you going to do?
Have a personal tutor who will guide me..
– What is weakest subject?
General Paper..
– So how are you going to pass your GP..?
Attend School of Thoughts…
– Do you have time?
No.. sacrifice have to be made… like skipping poly class, lectures…
– How about your business then?
Let Hafiz take over my business for a monthly fee…
– Will he agree?
50% chance but have to try.. lets say he refuses and I’ll find someone who is trustworthy.
– How do you make sure everything is in order..
Spend an hour each day to make sure things going smoothly…at least 10% monthly growth.

Now,  on to the 3rd problem which is how are you going to get GPA of 3.8 despite hectic schedule?

  • When I’m not doing anything related to my goals, then i should study for my poly.
  • Listen attentively to lectures and tutorials
  • Do homework
  • Spend 2 days before exam to study thoroughly
  • When examination comes.. put everything aside and spend a week to study for it

Okay… You can do it.. I believe in you!

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