Back from the dead… yet again.

Its been quite awhile since the last post, i think its been more than a month.

Christmas is coming! Less than 3 months to prepare my sites to get a piece of the holiday season. Do you know that for the month of December, people spend 3x more than any other month? Affiliate marketer are geared up and everyone in this industry are pulling out every single arsenal they have to outrank one another. This sound fun to me 🙂 , you can expect volatile SEO ranking for every hot niches! You can be in the top 3 for a particular day and in the next few days or hours, expect to see some changes to your ranking.

Here is what I’m going to do to take advantage of this upcoming holiday season. I’m going to register 10 newly registered domains targeting at amazon products including Kindle Fire (if you’re promoting this, let me caution you that i’m going ALL OUT) and also product launches on the sideline.

Seo is a game. If you’re diligent and a hard worker then you’re in for the treat. I mean tons of affiliate sale.

I feel like wanting to slap myself sometime for wasting 3-4hours of time on average. I have lots of thing to do and yet i’m either playing game on facebook or on ps3. Worst still, not committing myself to my schedule especially when comes to exercise. I really need someone to motivate me..

Also, just got my result for my 1st semester. To me i have done slightly above average since i know i can get full 4 pointer. I studied last minute, especially for Marketing and POA (I mean last min, studied for few hours the night before exam). My sister knows best 🙂 Have to study harder for the upcoming semester… I have to.. for the future I’m aiming for: a comeback!

Here is what I’m targeting till the end this year:

  • 4.0 pointer with an A for Advanced module (if i can get in) and for core elective as well.
  •  Make sure 50% of my existing website rank top 3 SERP
  • Attend Toastmaster Chapter

Talking about toastmaster chapter, i just attended one with my brother-in-law last Saturday. It was fun and i get to know some of nice people over there. Talking about networking, there’s lot of opportunity to get to know others and at the same time learning how to do presentation confidently (something i’m bad at!) Go view it and see how bad my presentation skill is. It is my 1st attempt so far and i’m sure i can get the hang of it eventually.

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