My 2011 Goal update

1. Be a skillful SEO Master – Hardly research and do any SEO so far
2. Earns around $50k Per Month – Revenue have dropped since i have not been promoting
3. Get my driving license(going for practical test this coming August) + buy 2nd hand Mazda 3 (still cant afford!)
4. Reduce to 85kg – Weight still at 93kg.. Now hardly run as compared to 2 months ago
5. Stop taking medication – Doctor still prescribe the drug for me
6. Be a top student – Cant get A for all module because I’m bad at presentation
7. Love someone for who she is – Still looking 😎

Its been a while since i last blogged.

Mum going to Malaysia with Sis and i’ll be alone for the entire of next week. 🙁

My life kinda empty right now although its better now.

No excitement and everything bores me.

Not even money able to motivate me.

I don’t want to carry on like this forever but for my own sake and living up to my promise of an ex-colleague, i must achieve what i have aimed for.

I wouldn’t want to feel regret for not achieving the things that matters before i die.

That would be an ultimate suffering for me.



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