How To Really Get Depress? Here Are My Fool-Proof Method..


This post is not solely on how to get depressed but to make you aware what really makes you depress, period.

I know the title of this post might seems oblivious but I want you to know that getting depress can be easy just like child’s play and people have taken a great amount of interest to get themselves depressed.

I mean if you would try all these steps, I can ardently say that you can get depress in an instant and do this for 21 days or more and you would be experiencing a depression any time soon, just like the one I experienced few months back.

Here goes on how to get depress

  1. Listen attentively to BAD NEWS from your tv, newspaper or any other medium of communication. Worst, engage in conversation with other people about it.
  2. Have negative associates who keep on telling you that you’re useless, worthless every single working day.
  3. Your friends, colleagues and family members think that you are not capable or smart enough.
  4. You did nothing that you are proud of except that you spend most of your days playing games online or sitting on your couch watching tv.
  5. You compare yourself with someone who have a degree in medical and you wondered why you can’t be like them.
  6. You’re dead broke so you can’t buy stuff that makes you happy.
  7. You being atheist starts to ponder why you’re on this earth with no purpose or meaning.
  8. You are pessimistic over everything, you think the world is going to end tomorrow.
  9. You are happy being in your own world. You hate people just because they stole your candy when you’re small.
  10. You tune to pornography just like a drama show.

Honestly the list goes on and on…

Hey it’s perfectly normal if you commit one of these, honestly this list represents me and I’m not shy about it.

But to tell you the truth, it will not make you a better person or make you rich. Instead it have resulted a negative self-image in myself that pulls me into depression state.

So it’s not surprising to know if a person who practices the same activities as I have listed out had depression and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to find out what causes depression. It is plain obvious.

What you feed into your mind will define who you really are. If you feed yourself lots of garbage, chances are you’ll be like one.

Hence, refrain yourself from such activities and start to feed your mind with good stuff. One such ways is to tune in to my blog where I will share my experiences, thoughts, insight, victories that you could emulate right away.

That’s all, I really hope you would start feeding your mind more cautiously than the food you consume on daily basis.

If you want to know how to deal with depression, do refer to my past entry under depression category.


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