I’m back.. yet again

I’m still alive although my blog seem quiet and deserted.

Let me summarize what have been happening so far..

I got a morning routine which starts from 6.30am to 10am, from there on spend an hour on reading my ebook and after which tune in to Anthony Robbin tapes.

Speaking of ebook, i’m cant wait to get my hand on my kindle which i bought from amazon! Had fun reading ebook on the com till the extend where i had spent $80 on buying digital books..

Also ordered shoes, socks, bottle, neti pot for clearing away sinus, lifepak12 tube host from the states. Well from my own perspective, i’m kinda short of everything. Even my running shoe which i use every morning for 3 years and best still i got for FREE! Well technically since i got it during my regimental NS days.

I also invested 1/4 of my money on SEO tools which do not have monthly subscription. Have yet to promote anything yet though, trying to make adjustment to my marketing plan. Several tweak have been considered and with my current arsenal of tools, i’ll dominate the search engine. Oh yes, talking about search engine.. there will be changes in the algorithm for GOOGLE. Let’s face it, whatever the circumstance or barrier which Google will upon up against me.. i will crack it.

Nothing gives me pleasure then having a top no.1 spot for search term. Even if i’m not smart enough to have the life that i wished for, at least i know i have some ability which others have.

I decided to go poly. It’s not going to be some engineering course or in some medical line. I’m going NYP to study business informatics. With my current ability, i will groom and develop my talent further.

Anyway i found this product on Clickbank. It’s called Article Marketing Robot. It’s kinda cool and this is will be a fine edition to my arsenal. If you buy from me, i’ll wiling to share with you my secret plan to complete dominate the top 3 result. That’s all.

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