Ariff’s Goal Statement


By the look of this topic, you can roughly tell where this post is heading.

As you know my real name in REAL life is the domain name of this website.

Nur’Iman Ariff (yes my name got a ‘ in it ) 21 years old, still serving his national service. Single throughout his life and right now he is recovering from depression. A regular guy with big dreams. He didn’t know where he is heading in life until he reads “See You At The Top” By Zig Ziglar. It is an inspirational book that i would highly recommend to anyone out there who wants to change their life.

So who am i really? (I hope you would ask the same question to benefit from this post)

I love god and myself so much that i would follow God’s teaching, listen to positive audio program and read self-help books. I will not let negativity (at least minimum) to penetrate through me since it will not make you any good. I will also love others since they have helped me a lot!

If there were no limitations or consequences, what would be your perfect average day look like within 3 years?

I want to experience a normal typical day with full of joy & happiness by which I will dedicate most of my personal fulfillment time with the person I love most – my family and girlfriend. Money & Time will be of abundance that I no longer have to worry about them. My business runs online & everyday is an opportunity for me to be a better person spiritually, physically & mentally. My personal aim is to maximize joy and happiness with people that I deeply cared about. I will do within my powers to make them as happy as possible. I will lead a happy lifestyle by adopting a new sport/habit. I would have a walk with my family and girlfriend in the nature reserve. I would drive them with my Audi convertible & we would enjoy the fresh air & enjoy the luxury life have to offer. My girlfriend and I have deep passion for each other and we would always find ways to be together. We would rejuvenate ourselves by going to SAC on Sunday  by praying to the lord  & we grateful what life had to offer. On some occasion, I would bring her on holiday & we would have a great time exploring, not forgetting that I would buy souvenir for my family.

I want to be a testimony to my community that we can achieve anything if we strive towards it. I will become an aspiration to others to have a happy & joyful life even if you have nothing. People will love me because of my sincerity & willingness to help them. Most importantly they love chatting with me because I deliver valuable content. I will contribute to the society by becoming a philanthropist, giving out talks In schools. If I could make another person life better, no reward could ever replace the satisfying feeling and at the same time I would make myself a brand that attract customers to all my operating business.

I would go for daily jog so that I would lose some weight so that I would look good and I would wear cool stuff to make myself look presentable.

I would communicate confidently knowing that I’m sexy and cool inside. I am funny and I would make other party having a great time communicating with me. At the same time, I would complement the person once I have the rapport established.

I would associate myself with positive and empowering people all the time and I would establish a close relationship with them. I would listen to empowering recording while on the move and watch seminar within the comfort of my own bed during free time.

I would also read books that build mankind such as reading past successful autobiographies, empowering books, in the morning and before I go to sleep.

Yup, That’s my Goal Statement.

I can achieve my goals if i consistently take action every day. There’s no secret to wealth, just pure determination, perspiration & patient along with great desire & faith. You can’t drive the car unless you pull the gear and move the steering wheel right?

I won’t give up easily anymore. I lost so many opportunities even the girl of my dream. If i continue like this, i would lose more so i have to take chance and do better each time round.

There’s no such thing as ” I have done my best” because you could always do better with every attempt. Failure is a disguise of success and there’s no such thing as failure unless if you learn from it.

I want you to witness my success and in return i would let you sneak peek my challenges, victories and my insights.

Before i go, i want you to enjoy this video 🙂


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