Hello to 2011 and new goals

It’s been quite awhile since my last post and this blog seems dead. Let me give you an update about my life before telling you my goals for this year.

I wanted to end my life (again) by falling off from my room that is 12-storey high. I even bought cards so that i could write suicidal notes before ending my life. Such pathetic thought have led me to consume anti-depressant drug prescribed from my psychiatrist after a year suffering from depression. Its been 3 days since i consumed the drug and i find myself feeling better already although she told me that it will take at least 3 week before the drug take effect on me. Yet now, i’m beginning to have Diarrhoea which i think its normal since my body still not used to it.

Also, i seen my psychologist few days back after missing out a consultation in December and i was astounded by the size of her stomach (she was pregnant) since it grew like 10 fold within the time span of 10+ weeks. It was really a jaw dropping after not seeing her for few months, hopefully she’ll get twin baby soon 🙂 Like always, i listen attentively to what she say and once the session was over, i decided to make a new goal for year 2011. I know it’s kinda late to make a new year resolution since it already mid January. Heck at least, i have a new goal to keep myself focus and stay away from negative and harmful thoughts.

Yesterday, i applied for scholarship in Diagnostic Radiotherapy (Diploma) and Nursing(Degree). I know that my psychotic condition will affect my application but what the hell, i just want to see whether i can actually get accepted into health care sector. I also applied for Business Administration (Diploma) at Singapore Polytechnic as well as Nanyang Polytechnic for the fun of it. Haha!

Going to apply NIE and NTU this coming march to see whether i can make the cut for it. Obviously, i can’t enter NUS unless i go for Nursing course but i just wanna see whether i can enter either one or both.

I made the decision to pursue my studies after wasted a year. Actually, come to think of it i did not waste a year. I managed to earn some money online from my website after 2 years of pondering. I could still feel the joy of getting my 1st paycheck 🙂 It’s so rewarding! Even now when i actually stopped doing any promotion, the money keeps rolling in passively although it is only 3 figure. But the money is pure profit without doing work at all. Great.

I made my goals and now I’m going to share it with my readers. I must do whatever it takes to accomplish these goals. For the last 2 days, i tested out 15 small goals and managed to strike out every single one of it. The feeling to accomplish these goals are surreal! At least, i feel some fulfillment and joy of completing something although it’s small in nature.

In addition to the goals which i will copy and paste below, i promise to you readers that i will post valuable tips and technique to Affiliate Marketing to shorten your learning curve. I want to believe that my life will get better if i try to make other people’s life better. The law of reciprocity will serve both of us.


Here are my goals:

By 15th March 2011 (My birthday)

a. Have to be familiar with Google, Bing PPC & TrafficVance
b. Earn at least US$1k/month net on a monthly basis
c. Able to track efficiency and with discipline on a daily basis
d. Understand the rule of the loner method and creating a website that are Google Friendly
e. Profits should have at least 30-50%/month
f. Go for driving lesson theory test – Basic

15th March 2011 to 15th June 2011

a. Familiar with all PPC search engine (Bing, Google, 7search, etc)
b. Earn at least US$5k/month net every month
c. Able to apply the workhorse method and build a long term relationship with list by providing them with free offers and tips.
d. Build a list of at least 10,000 within 6 month
1666 leads per month = 56 leads per day
e. Profits should have at least 30-50%/month
f. Go for driving lesson theory test – Final

15th June 2011 to 15th September 2011

a. Monthly income of US$10,000 from June to September
b. Go for Driving Practical

15th September 2011 to End of 2011
a. Account must have at least US$80,000 by the end of 2011
b. To reach a net profit of US$70,000 by the end of 2011
c. Get a monthly income of US$20,000 from my online business from September to December
I am aiming for US$5,000 from SEO traffic and US$15,000 from paid traffic
d. Lose 10KG
e. Get a American Express Platinum Credit Card – $55,000 per annum
f.  Get a Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card
g. Get a new 2 year loan rental flat – 3 room flat where i can stay with my 2nd sis and mother
h. Go to Japan in December alone ~ 😀
I. Get my driving license

How do i get there? What are the obstacles?
– Need to work with other people, leverage on their abilities and creativity. Reward them for their effort
– Discipline and hard work
– The need to sacrifice time
– The need to save money
– Perseverance
– Be strong like HYJ

I have also written down my average day within the next 3 years as taught by Frank Kern. Here goes:

If there were no limitations or consequences, what would be your perfect average day look like within 3 years?

I will wake up in the morning feeling grateful for what I have and fortunate to have the people who have made an impact in my life. I would then thank God for giving me peace, joy, happiness and prosperity.

I would first of all do my morning ritual – Brush Teeth, Mouth Wash, Drink 500ml of Water. After which I would run on my thread mill while listening to empowering recording and at the same time enjoying the cold breeze. There will be a flat screen within few meters hanging on the top right hand corner so that I could keep up to date to the business news and latest happening locally. After 30 min of jogging, I would have meditation for 15mins and I would then strategize what I’m going to accomplish for that day. Next, I would go for a shower and while bathing I would listen to my favorite music.

I would then have Egg & Bread with Power Berry Drink for Breakfast.

After getting myself centered and well nourished, I would start my day by clearing my emails, reply to any queries and recap back what I have done the day before. I would work for 2/1/2hrs per interval. (1 interval consists of 2 intense 50mins working time, 2x10mins and half an hour break) After 2 intervals, I would then take an hour break and then start another cycle. I will not go beyond 5 intervals (maximum 10 working hours) On Sunday, I would go C for renewal and spend quality time for myself and my loved ones.

My business is geared towards getting leads for business through online media buying and organic search engine. For side income, I have diverse niche product, software product and online Ecommerce store that drop ships quality and cheap China Products.

My offline business is geared towards companies who want an online presence in World Wide Web. My company is specialized in getting top search result in Search Engine (Google & Bing) and web building. Other services include hosting services, online branding and online media buying. The name of the company would be:

SwiftRun PTE LTD – Providing Swift and High Quality Online Services

SameMind PTE LTD – Providing Online and Offline Education

NandaYou LLC – Anime Ecommerce Store & Anime Membership

My Ultimate Destiny

1.      I want to experience a normal typical day with full of joy & happiness by which I will dedicate most of my personal fulfillment time to maximize joy and happiness with people that I deeply loved and cared about.

2.      I believe in abundance hence it should enough for me and anyone who have the desire and will to achieve what they want

3.      Every day is an opportunity for me to be a better person by having a balance life – financially, spiritually, physically, emotionally & mentally.

4.      I want to be a testimony to my community that we can achieve anything if we strive towards it. I will become an aspiration to others that if I can do it so can they!

5.      People will love me because of my sincerity & willingness to help them. Most importantly they love chatting with me because I deliver valuable content.

6.       I will contribute to the society by becoming a philanthropist, giving out talks in schools.

7.      If I could make another person life better, no reward could ever replace the satisfying feeling.

8.      I will lead a healthy lifestyle

9.      I will invest to empower myself by listening to tapes, reading book & autobiographies of past successful people and also attending seminars

10. I will treat people equally and with respect regardless of their status, income level, race or religion. We are created in God’s own image.

That’s all. Now I’m going to roll my sleeve and start working~

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