What Is L.I.F.E Really About?

I’m tired.

I have been contemplating, observing and experiencing the hard facts of life.

What is life really about? Here are the 6 obvious fact of life:

1. Getting a good job so that you can pay bills, buy necessities, shelter, security and “toys”. In Singapore, it’s important to have 5Cs which is Cash, Car, Credit card, Condominium and lastly Country Club membership.

2. Getting that perfect partner/lover so that you won’t feel lonely and securing your old age by ensuring that your kids have a stable and high paying job so that they can support you.

3. Be part of a cult or group. Facebook is god damn popular because people want to be part of something. It is what makes people feel secure, the same reason why young people wants to join/form gang.

4. Survival. Self-explanatory. They do whatever it takes to protect themselves even if it means to kill or deceive others.

5. Having pleasure/fun. Serving your own self-interest, even though you’re benefiting others as well. This includes doing volunteerism or doing a service in return of monetary reward aka job.

6. Repent. After much of sinful, mindless and unthoughtful activities that we got ourselves into, we turned to the higher beings for forgiveness although we know that it’s wrong and sinful in the first place. Yet, we keep on doing the same things and keep on asking for forgiveness.

All in all, life is simply full of crap.

Yea yea, you might say that i should redefine the meaning of my life and whatever not. But at the end of the day, we are all chasing the same thing and behaving/acting the same way.

Enough said already, I’m sick and tired of everything which includes writing post for my blog.

I’m hammering myself with food and entertainment each day. I can feel myself getting fatter, haha.

So what. It’s not like anyone give a damn.

Now, i’m off to affiliate marketing. Christmas is coming.

My ROI is about 70% every month. It’s pretty okay, especially in testing phase 🙂

Better than keeping my money in the bank which gives less than 1% return on annual basis.

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