Ressurrected from dead

Its been quite awhile since i post anything on my blog. If you read my past post, you should know that I’m supposedly kinda busy trying to rank my website high in the search engine and i also promised that I’ll share the result online. I’ll do just that although it’s something I’m embarrassed to tell people about it.

First thing that i have to confess is that i did not promote my sites to the fullest. I procrastinated and put in the least amount of effort to make sure my website rank high in the search engine. Also, my depressed mind was doing its thing again so i had to take a break from affiliate marketing. Although i knew this mindset will rob my time, energy as well as money, i had to give myself a break. Well i did and frankly, its hard to get started again after you take a long break from something. Then when i told myself that its time to get back onto work, i keep on delaying the task that needs to be done. Instead of doing, i was involved with some gaming.

Momentum is the key. Once you lose track of it, it hard to get back to the starting point.

Since Christmas is coming, i need to get back onto my feet and start working hard again. For Christmas, I wish to donate at least $1000 to some sort of child fund project, preferably kids with special needs. Just need to promote more affiliate product!

Anyway I’m getting my hands dirty on Social Advertising as well as PPV advertising. The result? I lost US$200 in total within 30 min. Sweet huh? I forgot to select manual funding hence it keeps on digging onto my bank for money every time my balance fund for advertising runs low. Really stink!

Now that i am “resurrected from dead”, I’ll promise that I’ll blog 3 times a week!

In the upcoming week, i will show you how you can make money by creating simple website and getting targeted traffic to your site for free!

P.S. If you want to start making money online then you would follow the action steps that I’ll be posting in upcoming week.

P.S.S. I’ll forgot to donate $100 to SAC yesterday.

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