Dealing With Depression, The Correct Way – Ariff is back on his feet


Its been quite a long time since i last blog and i have a reason for that. Simply put, i was dealing with depression.

Frankly, i was experiencing a bad time and i was on the verge of breaking down. I was feeling depressed such that all the thoughts that is going through my head was destructive and negative. My self-image was in the bad shape and i was in turmoil, emotionally. It was horrible and with that kind of state, nothing seems to bother me and all i had at that point of time was, MYSELF.

Look, if you ever come to a state where you’re feeling hopeless and despair, know that i have been there and i know how it feels. Here’s an advise to get out that hole of despair (seems obvious), you ought to realize that

1. God loves you and man was created in god’s image. You just need to trust Him.

2. God gives you talent such that you can store as much information as possible. Even your 1TB hard drive can’t compete with your mental capacity.

3. God is giving you a tap on your shoulder, He wants to give you a valuable knowledge and in the process you grow.

4. God have made you a miracle. Your body is pumping blood throughout your entire body that requires minimal electricity and if your body is made up of energy that is able light up an entire city for a month.

5. If you don’t believe in God, you ought to believe in yourself since no one can help you unless you help yourself, PERIOD.

As such you ought to seek treatment immediately. Hence, quickly head down to any hospital and ward yourself. Then tell the doctor what you’re experiencing right now and tell him that you need a professional help immediately. One reminder though, it takes quite some time before your first consultation with a specialist. To correct way to deal with depression is to get help spiritually so as to get in touch with your inner self and also by having healthy relationship & self-image

Then, get a self-help book. Highly recommend that you get “See You At The Top” by Zig Ziglar. If you have extra cash and determined to get heal as fast as possible, get natural supplement and consume more vegetable. Not forgetting that important exercise that will keep you going. Appreciate what you observe as you walk or jog in the park and not forgetting a healthy dosage of inspirational audio program while you walk or jog.

So, heres what i do currently to make myself strong on day to day basis.

1. Believe in GOD and myself(critical).

2. Perform affirmation once i get up from bed.

3. Brush teeth and wash my mouth with Glisterine

4. Drink 500ml since your body is exhausted after a good night sleep

5. Read book of god for 15mins

6. Go for 2.4km while listening to motivational audio programs

7. Drink powerberry, somehow i got addicted to it. *good addiction*

8. Breakfast followed by shower (listen to music and i tend to follow along, you need to sing to be happy)

9. Read self-help books

10. Get plenty of rest.

If you have friends that you can trust, share your feelings with them and go out to have fun.

Hey, its simple. If you’re hungry, you would find food to eat right? A homeless guy ever told me that once!

Similarly, feel yourself with empowering ideas instead of thinking of the negative.

Dealing with depression might seems overwhelming but if i can do it, so can you!



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