Project pam. Path to affiliate mastery

Commencing project PAM.

10 site. 1 goal.

To rank mutiple website within top 3 search result within 1 month.

I’m still holding a day job currently.

With some jutsu and special hidden technique, i’m going to rank my sites within top 3 ranking, using the least amount of time.

I am confident i can do this even when i’m still having a job by outsourcing some of my work.

I have been testing for few months now and now that my 10 affiliate site is ready, i’m prepared to launch promotion campaign that will skyrocket my website ranking in organic search engine.

clock is ticking. I shall make a post on the result, 1 month from now.

*Dedicate this project to Pamela.

As much as i don’t wish to say this but some things in life are quite hard to accept.

I hope she’s doing fine and happy.

For now, i will dedicate my life on 1 thing which is my online business. Others, i have to put things aside including my emotion.

God will always be by my side.


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  1. Hi. Thanks for following me in Twitter. Project PAM sounds interesting. You will surely reach the targets your set! Keep the good work!

    Chan, Siau Hen

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