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  • Promise

    I’m just turned 26 and i promised that I would: 1. Be humble 2. Be sincere 3. Be forgiving 4. Be helpful 5. Be kind to other people’s feeling 6. Forget PAM If not, i would be the same person as I am now. I promise.

  • Do I Still Have A Life?

    It’s been a long time since I last go out to catch up with friends to have a quality time together. When was my last date if I can recall properly? Hmm, I guess it was Year 2010. Sigh. Weekends is also the time where I don’t get the chance to talk to anyone and […]

  • My problem right now:

    1. Got a new hosting thus teed to build my affilate site from scratch. 2. My weight is nearing 100kg. 3. Need to promote more campaign. 4. Need to find a new driving instructor. I need to pass! 5. I need to study for A level and Poly 6. Need to establish a new routine […]

  • Miss someone

    Something is bothering me.. i miss someone dearly. I just cant get her out of my mind. If only she’s still around.. maybe things will be a lot less stressful. There’s only 1 solution to see her again… I just have put on my uniform and wait for her at A&E. Blah, whats the point..? […]

  • Protected: Confession of depressive mind: Part 2

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Distressed

    I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have confided everything. Now that i have been rejected, i’m so mad and depressed. It seems that everyone that i CARED about, is about to disappear from my life. IM FEELING HURT & OVERWHELMED BY THE THINGS THAT IS HAPPENING. I DONT KNOW WHO I CAN CONFIDENTLY CONFIDE TO, […]

  • Pain Vs Pleasure Association

    Just came back from a case whereby a person in distressed took excessive panadol in attempt to commit suicide. Coming from experience, panadol are the least overkill pills. It just damage your liver but it wont kill you. Instead of ending your pain, you will have more pain in addition to the existing pain you […]

  • Causes of Depression

    Depression is the condition where one feels hopeless or desperate. Most people don’t really know the causes of depression and hence they can’t safeguard themselves or their loved ones from it. Yet, it is important to know that depression is like any other disease that are induced by many factors. Here are some of the […]

  • Symptoms Of Clinical Depression – Know before it hits you

    Hey, Today i’m going to discuss about the symptoms of clinical depression. To tell you the truth, i’m currently diagnosed under mild depression called Dysthymia that have been happening over the course of 5 years. Yes, 5 years! The most intense crisis was 2 months ago where i could no longer able to contain my […]

  • How To Really Get Depress? Here Are My Fool-Proof Method..

    Hey, This post is not solely on how to get depressed but to make you aware what really makes you depress, period. I know the title of this post might seems oblivious but I want you to know that getting depress can be easy just like child’s play and people have taken a great amount […]