Category: My Life

  • Problem.

    After thinking through about my life, I feel there’s no point trying. All i wanted is to have an ordinary life and I tried my best. Can’t even have a best friend or a close friend that I can confide to, that shows how pathetic I am. My head hurts and my heart is as cold […]

  • Hello world, I’m finally back!

    It’s been almost two years since I last posted something. 10 minutes have passed and i have no idea what to write about since it’s been super long since I wrote something. Alright, I shall now write about what had happened to me over the past two years. 1. Managed to increase my GPA. Takes a lot of […]

  • Mind Goes Out of Control again.

    Last night, i gathered all of my medicines and put one after another beside me. In total i have about 10+ types of medication. From Tranquilizer to Paracetamol to GTN were lining up right beside me. Was planning to get alcoholic drink from 7-11 although it was 4am (erm i think we are not allowed […]

  • Searching For Home

    For the past few days, i have been watching DVDs through my computer. Patch Adams, Slumdog Millionaires, The Forgotten, The Messenger – Story of Joan Of Arc, 127hrs, Tron, Ultramarines.  These are the movies that i have spent my time watching for the past 3 days. Great movie especially Patch Adams, The Messenger and Slumdog […]

  • Ressurrected from dead

    Its been quite awhile since i post anything on my blog. If you read my past post, you should know that I’m supposedly kinda busy trying to rank my website high in the search engine and i also promised that I’ll share the result online. I’ll do just that although it’s something I’m embarrassed to […]

  • I’m not human

    After been through so many self help books and programs as well as therapy, I’m beginning to feel empty (not that I’m lonely) since i control what going into my mind. Imagine having no TV, newspaper and sabotaging friends to influence the way i think. I’m like living in a prison although there’s no limitation […]

  • Memories at Harbourfront

    Harbourfront – The beginning and the end Video at Harbourfront Bay Today, i was at Harbourfront Bay taking a video and i had flashback of what had happened almost 2/1/2 years ago. Go ahead and make fun of me by calling me EMO, i don’t mind because i understand that people AREN’T people at times. […]

  • Reciprocate – What you give is what you get

    Reciprocity Reciprocity, if you know the term very well then you SHOULD know how important it is to your daily life. Reciprocity refers to responding to a positive action with another positive action, and responding to a negative action with another negative one (taken from Wikipedia). Although it might be tied to some psychology term, […]

  • I was once a Homeless, Broke, Humiliated & Depressed Guy

    I once taught my life ends on 1st of August. I was broke, humiliated in front of my 2 friends (my 2 best friends) and had nowhere else to go after being kicked out of the house by my own sister. All I had was my uniform, several clothes, and my internet marketing course (worth […]

  • Confessions of a depressed mind

    True Story – Confessions of a Depressed Mind After countless years of beating myself up and several unsuccessful suicidal attempts, i decided to put an end to my depressed mind and change for the better. Well, it is certainly not an easy process. I’m a living testimony who has gone through the darkness (hellish) moment […]