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  • Promise

    I’m just turned 26 and i promised that I would: 1. Be humble 2. Be sincere 3. Be forgiving 4. Be helpful 5. Be kind to other people’s feeling 6. Forget PAM If not, i would be the same person as I am now. I promise.

  • Happy Birthday To Me. I’m Sweet 23 Year Old.

    I can’t believe it myself that I’m 23 years old. I also can’t believe that I’m still living in this world. Merely surviving, simply put. After years of beating up myself up:mentally, physically, emotionally, i have decided to accept the responsibility of changing the fate of my own life. I have learned that life can […]

  • I’m back.. yet again

    I’m still alive although my blog seem quiet and deserted. Let me summarize what have been happening so far.. I got a morning routine which starts from 6.30am to 10am, from there on spend an hour on reading my ebook and after which tune in to Anthony Robbin tapes. Speaking of ebook, i’m cant wait […]

  • 1st Personal Video On Youtube

    I just got myself a new web cam from Popular. Not bad, got discount since i was a member. I also bought MM Lee’s new book that have just been released. Watched the Dvd that comes with the book. It was full of useful insights regarding Singapore’s situation. Anyway, the reason why i bought this […]

  • Hello to 2011 and new goals

    It’s been quite awhile since my last post and this blog seems dead. Let me give you an update about my life before telling you my goals for this year. I wanted to end my life (again) by falling off from my room that is 12-storey high. I even bought cards so that i could […]

  • Project pam. Path to affiliate mastery

    project path to affiliate mastery.

  • Watch this video to find out what it really is

  • Mentality is the key element to success

    I read somewhere that the key to success is to know WHY and this alone controls 80% of the outcome. The remaining 20% is know HOW you going to achieve it. I have been thinking alot lately, i keep thinking why my life isn’t like everyone. I mean, why can’t i be accepted, have the […]

  • Commencing Project Lazarus

    When the clock strikes 12, I will commence Project Lazarus. The Objective of Project Lazarus: 1. Rank top 3 in SERP for product reviews through specific plan of SEO strategy. 2. To have high conversion rate for the product review through mutiple testing while gaining position in natural search listing. Yesterday, i met my beloved friend. I’ve always liked her since […]

  • Ariff is making action to acquire plan

    Heys, I missed 2 days of blogging 🙁 I feel so bad since i have set a commitment to myself to blog every single day Well, basically i’m making a plan to earn US$500 per day. Somehow i know it going to work since it have proven to work for others. Got to believe that […]