Category: Motivation

  • Random Internal Conversation

    I’m trying hard.. i feel like i’m going to fall off from my chair anytime soon. Christmas is coming and i know that’s where most of the revenue for the year are being generated. If only i have a team of workers who would automate my work, i would have more time for other important […]

  • Back from the dead… yet again.

    Its been quite awhile since the last post, i think its been more than a month. Christmas is coming! Less than 3 months to prepare my sites to get a piece of the holiday season. Do you know that for the month of December, people spend 3x more than any other month? Affiliate marketer are […]

  • My 2011 Goal update

    1. Be a skillful SEO Master – Hardly research and do any SEO so far 2. Earns around $50k Per Month – Revenue have dropped since i have not been promoting 3. Get my driving license(going for practical test this coming August) + buy 2nd hand Mazda 3 (still cant afford!) 4. Reduce to 85kg […]

  • Once A Complete Failure

    I have been reading lots of book, mainly on my kindle. I also read a couple of memoirs and autobiographies of past and present successful which includes MM Lee Kuan Yew: The Hard Truths To Keep Singapore Going. With all the readings, i have picked out several useful information on how to improve my current […]

  • Anticipate the worst – Setting yourself up for failure?

    Are you contemplating whether you should take a risk or do something that you thought it will turn out alright? Like, calling someone whom you once had good relationship with or taking a plunge to do something new? Are you WILLING to accept what’s about to happen to you? This line of thought occupy most […]

  • Here’s Why Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone Is A MUST

    Getting out of your comfort zone can be difficult and daunting. Having to do something new casts about fear and doubt in which one would normally experience every time he tries something that he never or rarely do. It requires the person to step out of his comfort zone in order to adapt and be […]

  • What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger – Here’s Why

    “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, if you wonder what is it about then read on.